Repair Corrupt MOV File PC

“I love watching movie and for that purpose I use iTunes and QuickTime player most of the times. I purchased many High Definition movies from iTunes store for my personal collection. All those are in MOV formats and working fine when I downloaded them but some of them are not working at all from last few days, instead of that its only giving error message saying that its corrupt. Can anyone suggest me how to Repair Corrupt MOV File?"

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Well, to repair corrupt MOV file PC, you have reached the correct destination! Corrupt MOV file repair from PC is possible with MOV File Repair Software. MOV file errors stating the corruption issues are very common and that can be fixed easily by using this effective software. If you are usig Mac OS on your system then visit for more details to perform MOV file repair in Mac OS PC. Just go through this page and find out Corrupt MOV File Repair procedures on PC.

Nowdays, personal computers have become a rich source of entertainment for most of the users. Personal computers are available in the market at very low price and in different configurations. Everyone knows that each PC comes with a Pre-Installed OS on definite size of Hard Disk Drive. Hard disk can be used to store different types of files like Audios, Videos, Movies, Documents etc. and OS gives the requirements to open them. Like if you want to listen music files then you need a music player similarly if you want to view videos and movies then you need a media player that can play them. To play media files, Windows comes with pre-installed Windows Media Player and Mac OS comes with pre-installed Quick Time Player. Out of different movie file formats, MOV is one of the most popular multimedia file format. MOV file format is multimedia file format developed by Apple Inc. and it can be played in both QuickTime and Windows Media Player. MOV file is a rich container containing both Audio and Video tracks. But, sometimes MOV files does not open in media player due to some unconditional reason. Some of the most common MOV file corruption reasons are described below:

Reasons behind MOV File Corruption:

  • MOV file with a damaged header details makes MOV file as unplayable
  • Recovered MOV file with unconditional errors
  • Failure during a transfer process of MOV file from PC to another storage makes it as a corrupt one
  • PC with virus infection can damage the files residing inside it including MOV files
  • MOV files brought from DSLR cameras with unexpected truncation

Howo repair corrupted MOV file on PC?

Corrupted MOV file repair from PC now becomes easy with MOV File Repair Software which is specially designed for this purpose. This software comes with automated repair process for corrupt MOV file repair PC. The intelligent engine decides the problem related to MOV file and fix it with proper solution to make it playable again. This application is supported on most of the PC running with either Windows or Mac Operating System for corrupted MOV file repair from PC. The 4 step MOV file repair process is very easy with its interactive User Interface for corrupted MOV File Repair from PC. Apart from repairing corrupt MOV file PC, this software is also able to repair DSLR MOV file. This application never performs the repair directly on the MOV file to preserve it from further damage in case of a failure, so it copies the file internally and resolve the issue on that file to make it playable.

Step to repair corrupt MOV file on PC:

Step - 1: Download and install the MOV File Repair Software on system to repair corrupt MOV file PC. After installing, launch the application. You will see main screen, "Browse" the MOV files that you want to repair and one reference Healthy MOV file and then click on "Repair" option.

Repair Corrupt MOV File PC - File Selection

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Step - 2: Wait untill the software process the corrupt MOV to repair corrupt MOV file.

Repair Corrupt MOV File PC - Repair Process

Step - 3: Once the repair process is completed, you can preview repaired MOV file

Repair Corrupt MOV File PC - Preview File

Step - 4: Save the repaired new and healthy MOV file into your desired disk location.

Repair Corrupt MOV File PC - Save Files

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